Friday, February 14, 2014

The World Today Is Pink

Truly, love conquers all. And after its often checkered and sometimes chaddied past, today the great love juggernaut chugs along mostly unhindered. Grandparents have gracefully given in, parents have ceased to be hostile, and even activists of orange hue have parked the placards and seem to be saying ‘Why bother?’

If you happened to glance at the newspapers this morning, you’d have seen that the corporate sector too is dishing out heart-shaped chocolates and smiling avuncularly at intra-departmental dalliances. And while it may be argued that said corporates are only trying to ensure attendance, there’s no denying that the spark started by Hallmark so many years ago has been fanned by a million Archies cards into a right roaring flame.

Valentine’s Day is too big to be contained in a single day anymore. This year, we’ve seen it spill over into Rose Day, Propose Day, Teddy Bear Day, Kiss Day and Mint-Flavoured Chocolate Chip Cookie Day; all of them intended to keep the love-struck blushing and India’s economy in the pink.

And all that is as it should be. But it’s not all that it should be.

Love is a many-splendoured thing, and in our country it abounds in many hues as well. While it is the accepted practice to celebrate the mainstream aspects, certain fringe variants have largely been ignored. And it is in respect to these niche sentiments that I propose the following additional Days:

Though it is poetically correct to describe love as a many-splendoured thing, sometimes love may only be uni-directional. The path of unrequited love is especially uphill and strewn with the sharpest thorns. Only the brave-hearted can tread it at length. In recognition of the valiant continuing efforts of those who are still seeking (or re-seeking) True Love, I propose the observance of Valiantine’s Day. Blue hearts or hearts made of stone shall be its emblems and Taylor Swift, I’m told, can provide the soundtrack.

And while we champion the cause of the singles, we might spare a thought for the cause of their singleness too. In our society, a courting couple has to contend with many opposing forces. Exes, for instances. Or best friends harbouring a secret agendum. Or siblings harbouring mere randomness. Their attentions may be acidic, but their intentions, to themselves at least, are noble and justified. In honour of their self-righteousness, I propose Villain-tine’s Day.

Fortunate are the few who can find and practice love completely unopposed. Most of us find love’s path bestrewn with rivals, unilateral admirers, their friends and henchmen, and casual lechers. Bruised knuckles and broken noses are often the unavoidable by-products of romance. Fistfights, knife-fights, catfights, we must honour them all. And we must dedicate a special day to remember love’s strenuous flipside. I propose that we call it Violentine’s Day.

 A case could be made for the observance of Well-in-time’s Day, too, to honour dates who are never late; and possibly for Violin-tine’s Day to commemorate the ardour of those who serenade with song. But let’s be serious, no young lady worth the name could ever be so unfashionable as to arrive on time; and the only suitable reward for someone who sings a lovesong with intent is a swift boot in the posterior.

On that note, let me wish everyone a very happy Wine-n-dine’s Day. This, of course, is the supreme festival and can be celebrated on any day you like (except Tuesday, in Delhi).


  1. For those stung by failure in love, I propose Ballantine's Day and for wives who do a good job of keeping their husbands in check, Belan-tine's Day :P

    1. I love the idea of Ballantine's Day - but, along with Teacher's Day, I feel this should not be restricted to just one day a year :)