Saturday, June 18, 2011

Words You Should Know

I thought 'Facebook limbo' was a lovely term (and an even better quiz question). For those of you who've just crawled out from under a rock, Facebook limbo refers to the state when you've received a request for friendship but haven't yet decided whether to accept or decline. You can keep people in limbo forever if you privately think they're a bit icky but don't want to take the drastic step of actually pressing the button that will tell them to take a long walk off a short pier. All this, summed up in just two pithy words. Fantastic.

Also, inspiring. So here's the next one- Facebook flurry.

Facebook flurry is what happens when you don't exercise the Facebook limbo option and gush into acceptance mode. Yes, gush. You gush about how great it is to meet up with the old so-and-so after so many years and isn't cyberspace the bee's knees and the cat's follicles. The friend gushes right back by return post: gruesome, uncalled-for details about spouse, house, offspring and occupation, and earnest enquiries about how your decade has been. So you hasten to assure him/her that you're now out of rehab and into matrimony, parenthood and Equated Monthly Installments and isn't life great. Then you exchange e-mail addresses, phone numbers and insincere promises about catching up and touching base the next time you're in town (of course you don't mean it - while catching up may be okay, you could get arrested for touching base in a public place).

And then, nothing.

Still nothing. Flurry's over.

If properly conducted, a good Facebook flurry should not take more than four or five days. After that you can push away your keyboard with the satisfaction of knowing that you have dealt with a social duty adequately and honourably and can now slip comfortably back into

- you guessed it -



  1. Wrote this one a while ago - it's a crossover from an older blog. Please leave comments / generous, tax deductible cash donations / a Ferrari to show your appreciation.

  2. Try the Drive A Ferrari Application

  3. Good one Sidey..... another one: Facebook debris.... what gets offloaded onto your wall when one of our good friends fall into the trap and clicks on an app out of curiosity.

  4. Or even better - FB Anonymous; the desperate desire to leave your droppings everywhere just to claim you've been there too.Mr Anonymous!

  5. Totally support Mr. Nima's suggestion.

  6. Ok, Mr Nima - where can i find this application?

    Anon, how can you make a claim unless you write your name? (Just realized - that rhymes. Wow, now i'll write poetry too)